Strengthening Business Practices for Child Care Programs - Module I.   Budgets, Projections, and Planning

Training Level: 3

Hours: 3

Target Audience: Directors/Administrators

CDA Subject: 5

Core Content: 7

The purpose of this training is to strengthen child care providers’ foundational knowledge of fiscal terms, concepts, and practices. It encourages providers to realize the importance of fiscal planning to the sustainability of their business operations. It provides tips and best practices to help break down fiscal processes into manageable steps.

These trainings are intended to be one part of the learning process to build providers’ understanding of good business practices. Whenever possible, it is recommended that these trainings be supplemented with technical assistance and ongoing peer-to-peer sharing opportunities such as communities of practice.


Learning goals:

  • Learn the value of developing a budget and how to use it for decision-making throughout the year.
  • Understand how to project business costs, generate additional income and plan strategically for future goals.