Kentucky’s Early Childhood Standards: Cognitive, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Technology

Description: The purpose of the Early Childhood Standards is to provide educators with a guide to preparing children for success in school, starting in infancy through four-year-olds. After taking this session on the Cognitive, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Technology domains, participants will be able to define each domain and related skills, identify how these domains align to better prepare children for kindergarten, Identify example behaviors for each of the domain’s developmental continuum, explain the rationale behind the addition of the technology domain, describe appropriate implementation of technology with three and four year old children, and use the guiding principles to support families and practitioners in the appropriate use of technology as an interactive tool with three and four year-olds.  

Training Hours: 2

Training Content Type: 28- Early Childhood Standards

Age Group/Environment: 1- Infant/Toddler

                                                        2- Preschool

                                                        3- Family Child Care

Training Level: 1

Core Content Subject Areas: 1- Child growth and development (2 hour) 

CDA Subject Area(s): 8- Principles of child development and learning (2 hour)